Arun Rishi :Swargeeya: The Eigth wonder of the World. Only Industrilist in this world who has not used Toothbrush, Tooth Paste, Tea, Coffee, Shaving Cream, Soap, Shampoo, Cosmetics, Artificial Cold drinks, Pan Gutkhas, Cigarettes, and Liquor, and because of not using all of them he never needed to take any medicines since 1979.

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What is  Self Management Program ?
It is as simple as to manage a sick company.

Why  Company is sick ?
Because the company's input is more and output is less.

Why today everybody is sick ?
Because the input of every person is very high but the output is very low.

It is because  of the strategy of all large companies in which they have planned our routine of life in such a manner that after every brief interval we need their useless unnatural products to survive. For example as soon as you wake up in the morning your first need is tooth brush  and tooth paste then tea/coffee, then  shaving cream, aftershave lotion and then soap, shampoo and then cosmetics, chocolats, cold drinks, pan gutkas, cigarettes and liquor. Because of these  types of various very small unnatural products our input increases in very  big way, but  our output decreases and this is the main cause of our sickness. On the one hand through these products  we are exploiting the nature and on other hand Nature is also  punishing us through various types of diseases 

In the process of managing others we ourselves get so unmanaged that even we do not know.....

For conducting the program charges are Rs. 11,151 + actual to and fro transport charges by car or by air + free accommodation, and local transport at your place for two-person.

Duration of the Seminar: Two and half hours.


The seminar would be addressed by Mr. Arun Rishi ( Swargiya ) 21, Adarsh Vikram Nagar Near Ravindra Nagar, Ujjain (M.P.) Mob: +919425332266 Email:

Arun Rishi