Arun Rishi :Swargeeya: The Eigth wonder of the World. Only Industrilist in this world who has not used Toothbrush, Tooth Paste, Tea, Coffee, Shaving Cream, Soap, Shampoo, Cosmetics, Artificial Cold drinks, Pan Gutkhas, Cigarettes, and Liquor, and because of not using all of them he never needed to take any medicines since 1979.

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What is TQP (Total Quality Person )

There is a concept  from Japan, what Japanese people are saying that unless and until quality management is not there we can not  extract the job means TQM (Total Quality Management ) but what we are saying that unless and until quality persons are not there how we can extract the job. The main mission of the trust is to convert a person in a Total Quality Person (TQP).

We are very quality conscious people whenever we talk about  any quality product we first ask whether it is energy efficient, maintenance free and economical too. Then  the question arises whether we can make a person in the Total Quality Person., then the question arises

Whether a person is Energy Efficient ? No, he eats more but he works less.
Whether he is Maintenance Free ? No,  he frequently needs maintenance.
Whether he is Economical ? No, he wants more money but he wants to work less.

This means in the frame of total quality person we are totally out of picture. Every person is the unit for the family; family is the unit  for the society and the society  is the unit for the total world population.

If the person himself is sick then how the family would be healthy, and if the family is sick then how the society would be healthy and if the society is sick then how our world would be healthy.Then we have to find out....

Why we are not Energy Efficient ?
Why we are not Maintenance Free and
Why we are not  Economical ?

When we started researching on above questions we found that "It is because  of the strategy of all large companies in which they have planned our routine of life in such a manner that after every brief interval we need their useless unnatural products to survive. For example as soon as you wake up in the morning your first need is tooth brush  and tooth paste then  tea/coffee, shaving cream, aftershave lotion soap, shampoo, cosmetics. Daily before 8.00 A.M. we as a nation  are burning about Nine Hundred Crores of Rupees in all above useless products, and from 8.00 A.M. till night we are squandering atleast Eleven Hundred  Crores of Rupees in other useless unnatural products like chocolets, cold drinks, pan gutkas, cigarettes and liquor.On the one hand through these products  we are exploiting nature and on other hand nature also  punishing us through various types of diseases  and then we are spending more than Three Thousand Corores of Rupees  on medicines which means daily in our country we are wasting more than 5000 Crores of  Rupees just for nothing. Besides after spending  so much of money we hardly get material worth  Rs. 100 Corores. In my opinion this is the biggest fraud ever made on the earth and every one of us is responsible  for this fraud ( Except one person who is  the writer of these lines who has not used any of the above   products from the year 1979  and because of not using all above things he has never taken any medicines also.

If we could save this money by our unique self management program and put it into the right use then within no time  India would be on top of the world again. After 53 years of independence we could not make even good roads, could not provide potable water to every person of the country, could not provide basic facilities to the public,  The tax burdens are increasing day by day   and the loan amount is increasing every year by Rs.2000  on every person but nothing is coming out of it.

Now the question arises what to do ?

The answer is only our SELF MANAGEMENT PROGRAM