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Why our program of Self Management is a must for every person of the country ?

Today we are passing through a very-very difficult time and critical phase. After 50 years of Independence what  we have achieved. If we look at the balance sheet of our nation then we would find that in 1996-97 we have paid 60,000 corores of Rupees as a interest to I.M.F and other organisations for  the borrowed money. The rate of interest for this money is between 2% to 16% which  means the average rate of interest is 8% per annum. If we  calcutate the principle amount that  would be 60,000 x 12 corores of Rupees and if we divide this loan amount by our 100 corores population then we would find that today every person  of the country has to pay Rs.7000 to the above organisations. Every year this loan amount is increasing by one thousand  Rupees on every person. If we look at the  last  four years interest  payment figures in the balance sheet of our nation then the situtation would be more clear.

Years Money Borrowed Interest Paid
1993-94 49297 corores Rs. 36695 corores
1994-95 56743 corores Rs. 44049 corores
1995-96 56410 corores Rs. 52000 corores
1996-97 66743 corores Rs. 60000 corores
1997-98 88937 corores Rs.65700 corores
1998-99 103737 corores Rs. 77248 corores
1999-2000 79955 BE Rs. 88000 BE

The above figures show that every year about 8000 corores of Rupees interest burden is increasing which means 8000 x 12 corores of Rupees principle amount and if we divide it by our population figure then it would come around Rs.1000 every year on every person. How long would it continue the country which is wasting 5000 corores of Rupees daily has no right to borrow this money from outside.

Now the question arises what to do. What should be the action plan to prove the famous Astrologer, Nastradamus' Prediction that........"India would be again on the top of the world"

There is just one solution for the above and that is self management. For this mission we have already established a trust and research centre in the name of " AAYUSHYAMAAN BHAV " (Live Long)

Then please join hands with us and make India " Jagat Guru " again.


The seminar would be addressed by Mr. Arun Rishi ( Swargiya ) 21, Adarsh Vikram Nagar Near Ravindra Nagar, Ujjain (M.P.) Mob: +919425332266 Email:

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